Treasure Hunt

The Adventure Begins

Session 1

Our adventure began with 4 of our characters, Rowan the Human, Rad the Shardmind, Zekyrr the Drow, and Dijani the Dragonborn chilling in the Nenthir Inn in the city of Fallcrest of their own devices. Suddenly, a Dwarven merchant named Traevus ran into the tavern in clear distress. He explained to the patrons that he had been robbed by a band of goblins. Out of all the goods stolen from him, he specifically mentioned a box he claimed to be of great sentimental value, and offered a 30 gold reward to its return. Rowan was the first to offer aid, even though he suspected that the value of this box was more than just sentimental, and worked to rally the others. Shardmind Rad, despite the lack of booblehead loot, decided he didn’t have anything better to do and joined in. Zekyrr, while he didn’t think the 30 gold was reward enough, decided to follow along for the hope of recovering some extra loot. Dijani took a bit of convincing, but in the end Rowan, in draconic, managed to convince her that chopping some goblin heads might give more entertainment and more profitable than sitting in the tavern corner, and when Traevus mentioned that there was a mysterious rider, very possibly human, with the goblins, she had no choice but to check it out. Without a word to the others, Dijani asked the dwarf for the general direction of the goblins, then headed straight out the door towards the north forrest, followed shortly by the others.

Once the oddly gathered group reached the outskirts of town, they were set upon by two freakishly large wolves and a pair of goblins. Caught unaware, and not yet used to fighting as a team, there was a lot of running, yelling and flailing. They had managed to kill one Goblin when a Mysterious Bard approached and managed to hit and set the nearest wolf. . . right at the already bloodied Dijani. In the end, though the dragonborn was almost sent to meet her maker, the group managed to kill one wolf, and one goblin, while the last two enemies escaped. After Rad informed the Bard of their quest, though only admitting to a 10 gold reward, the team healed up, gathered the loot (2 daggers for Zekyrr, A set of leather armor and a wolf’s tail for Dijani, and two dead hearts for the Mysterious Bard) and continued north in search of the goblins.

To the north, the team faced a split in the road, and had the option of choosing the left path, that had a cold wind and several small goblin tracks, or the right which showed goblin tracks as well as something much larger. Choosing the left, the group found themselves entering a stronghold of some sort.

Within the first room, they encountered several small kobolds who showed no interest in fighting, but a seemingly omnipotent booming growl warned the adventurers not to explore further. After a short discussion with the kobolds, they found that the kobalds despise the goblins as well, though seemed too cowardly to fight, and pointed the group towards the eastern doorway. Rowan decided not to waste any time, and kicked in the doorway, sprinting into the room, sword at the ready, followed by the rest of the team.

The second room was indeed occupied by one very startled horse and two goblins, who shouted and sprang into the attack. Shortly after, a goblin hex hurler burst into the room from the north, followed by a powerful looking drake from the east. Rowan took the brunt of the attack, but the bard and Rad managed to keep him alive, while the team, much more unified now made a great show of strength and destroyed all of their enemies. Exhausted and absolutely covered in their enemies blood, decided it was time to take a rest before once again gathering their loot and pressing on.



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