Saharel's Answers

Vril: “What can i do to ensure myself and my companions can remain safe in this dimension together?"

“Find and speak to Drag’urr, the beast of the silvery planes. But beware. A great sacrifice has been made to create the magic spell that binds you, and a great sacrifice will have to be made to neutralize it.”

Dijani: “Why did Din kill my clan?”

“A boy, small and innocent, once met a man, old and gray.
“What is your goal in life?”, asked the man.
The boy only shrugged.
“I want to grow as tall as a tree!” He answered finally.
“Ah, yes!”, giggled the man. “That is a good goal.”
“What is yours?”, asked the boy.
“Mine? Well… to become a god.”

Dinfar: “Who will kill me?”

“The one who loves you most.”

Rowan: “What are the intentions of the dark lady?”

“She only walks this plane to destroy her savior from the past and to empower her savior from the present. Madness has twisted her mind. I feel sorry for her, as we are so similar.”

Whiskey: “Where is my home?”

“There is a plane, hot and hostile, with little life and no metal. There, in the dunes of Thundersand, hidden behind the whirling play of winds and dust, is the Face in the Rock. Deep within it lies your home.”

Zekyrr: “Where can I find Amaria?”

“The huntress can not be found, unless she shows herself. Go into the woods to the south of West Crook. Go unarmed and go alone – only then will she show herself. But if you will survive this meeting I do not know.”

Rad: “When I tried to reconnect with that shard that black robe lady gave me, why did I see a little crying girl?”

“A long time ago you had to make a decision – give up something dear to you or face complete destruction. You are standing in front of me, so you know which path you followed. The shard showed you a little glimps of what you have lost forever.”

Saharel's Answers

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