Treasure Hunt

Darkness and Light

Session 3.5

“And then the floor was gone.”

That is how this begins. With me standing with everyone else one minute, and the next… nothing but air!

Life on a farm and galavanting through the forests near West Crook never prepared me for trudging through some god-forsaken dungeon with poorly maintained floors.

And so I fell… a long way!

When the floor finally decided to reach out and break my fall, it decided that stone was the best tool for the job. To say I was less than enthused about its choice in “net” would be an understatement. Regardless… i was thrust in to a pitch-black doom.

People may think that a Drow, such as myself, would be at home in the dark. And if by, “at home”, you mean grumpy, sore, and not equipped with sonar… then you hit the nail on the head. But im not your common, run of the mill Drow. I don’t know if the others have picked up on that yet, but its not important at this time.

I was in the dark, and the dark smelled. It smelled like… bard.

Which made me think of music.

Which made me think of a tavern…

…that are lit internally by torches…


So I lit up my torch and who is just standing there, smiling with the joy of a thousand suns? DINFAR! I knew I had smelled Bard! And what is more… he managed to land on his feet, completely unmolested by the harsh cold stones that had embraced me a moment before! He proceeded to light up his torch as well, and we decide to trek on and see if we could find a way back to the group, or at least out of that pit.

How did he land on his feet? Inconceivable!

As we were about to leave, a shard fell out of the blackness and almost onto of my head. I took it to mean that Rad was telling us that the others would not abandon us to this gloom and to not lose hope and despair. Of course he could have been spitting on our heads, but I chose to try and remain on the optimistic side. I picked it up and trudged on.

The darkness was oppressive. Unnaturally so! Dinfar did some sort of magic check and realized what we had already suspected. Dark Magic! We agreed to be as careful as possible. I must say, for a guy so full of chaotic energy when around the others… he has a remarkably calm and level demeanor when its just the two of us. And that cool head came in handy when we stumbled upon some lowly earth elementals.

We had tried to continue by unmolested by the foul things, but alas… battle was on the menu. And I relished in it. Perhaps they thought us easy prey. But I refused to die in this hole!

May I say, there is nothing quite like the feeling of drawing a bow taut and releasing that energy in the form of a volley of arrows! Each ingrained with the name of a foe, written by the divines, with the intent purpose of ridding the world of evil. The look of misplaced confidence being wiped from the faces of my enemies, as a shaft of wood, metal, and feather collide with it is something that always gives me a high.

Its like being home again. And I HAVE always enjoyed hunting.

Dinfar finished off the last elemental, and though it resulted in a shower of dust and rock that cascaded forcefuly over me, (there is his flashy side coming through) I felt cleansed and rejuvenated. A good fight is just what one needs to forget such a nasty and embarrassing fall.

I know not if it was from a true lack of foes, or if the tales of our might from earlier exploits went ahead of us like a bard proclaiming our strength and skill… but we encountered little resistance after that.

And it couldnt have been the bard thing as he was with me…

That was a joke.

Regardless… Perhaps it was our compatriots above that had drawn most of our enemies away.

I only bring it up as a potential reason because when we finally emerged from those dark hollows, we discovered many a dispatched quarry. We followed those dead until we came upon our fellow adventurers.

And they claimed to have discovered the one we had been seeking.




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