Treasure Hunt

On to Spellguard!

Session 6.0

Every day small pieces of who I once was seem to drift away. Even more frightening is that I can’t bring myself to care. Universes away my life moves on without me, while I push towards my own goal. Until I reach it, all I can do is try to find enjoyment in whatever distraction comes my way.

And distraction is absolutely what I found.

With the addition of Vril, an insect like sapient who quite literally fell at our feet, our sorted group now numbers six, if you include the bard. . . wherever he’s at. And it seems like they just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, which suits me just fine. So when the ground began to shake, and several undead skeletons rose from the earth, none of us seemed all too shocked. With a sigh, I readied my sling once more, to take on the cloaked lady’s minions.

May I just say, I highly disrespect cowardice. Yes, I’ve been known to slip a blade between a few shoulder blades but the blood is on my hands. This cloaked woman sends others to do her bidding. . . coward.

However we didn’t quite expect what came next. The bone beings seemed to burst apart, then all at once come back together in a swarming mass. Confused, all we could do is watch as the bones reconnected to form a large hulking beast which faintly resembled a dragon. Racist sons of —

But as offended as the new form made me, Rowan, who has made clear his disdain for the undead, seemed livid, if not strangely excited. Vril started looking for his inter-dimensional portal, and Rad dropped a shardicle (which I have found make wonderful ammunition for my slings.) As Rad and Rowan decided to try and communicate with the creature by making random zombie noises, Zekyrr surprised us all by taking the initiative and loosing a strong twin attack on the beast. With the battle begun, we all leaped into the fray.

In the short time we have been together, our little mismatched group has really developed a hell of a strong sense of teamwork. The group made pretty quick work of the bone dragon, and though I didn’t contribute much to this particular fight, it was heartening to be able to sit back and observe my still somewhat new comrades fight.. Rowan’s strength and vigor seemed doubled in the face of the undead threat, Rad and Vril held their own against the beast, but it was Zekyrr that ended the fight as he began it, splitting the dragon’s bones with his arrows. . . I may have underestimated that one. And it seemed the fates deemed him worthy of a reward, as Vril pulled a fancy new crossbow out of the rubble. I’ve never seen that stone faced Drow so excited. . . in more ways than one.

What happened next is a bit of a blur. . . The cloaked woman returned to gloat, and I noticed that Rowan’s distaste for necromancy and dark magic could be easily swayed if it was attached to a hot piece of ass. But the woman ignored the rest of us and headed straight to Rad. She pulled the shard from around her neck and held it out to the Shardmind. Rad swallowed it as per usual with his stray shards, but it didn’t seem to want to connect with him the way his other shards do, and in his confusion he spit it back up for further study. The woman then spouted her threats at Rad and I admittedly lost my patience. I stood next to Rad, whom I’ve actually found myself growing fond of, and hissed at the woman. To my surprise, she actually responded and moved in close to me to whisper in my ear. "Don’t worry. HE is coming for you too… Your sad life will end by his hand and it will be glorious.” . . . and this is where things get a bit confusing. At first I didn’t understand the words as anything but boasting. But as I met her eyes once more her meaning became clear.

She knows Din.

The memories I had worked so hard to bury unwillingly flooded back into my mind, and seemingly an instant later I was staring into the shifting colored shard face of Rad, and had fallen to the ground. Everyone looked a bit frightened and Rowan was there to try and calm me. . . Dear Sehanine, I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.

Rowan was speaking to me in Draconic, and all I could bring myself to say is “I have to find him. . . He killed my family.” It was more than I had anticipated on sharing, but there it was. Rowan didn’t press further other than to give me his assurance that he at least would help me track her down. . . probably because he wanted to get in her pants, but I decided to take what help I could get. After another investigation into the shard Rad had gotten from the woman, we decided that the clerics at Spellguard would be the best suited to help with that problem as well.

We pressed on, though I stayed towards the rear, still confused and embarrassed at the impact the hooded woman’s words had on me, and how easily I had lost control. Before I realized, we had made it to a small town that seemed to be in distress. Zekyrr snuck down to the town, before returning to report that the town seemed undefended, only the very young or very old seemed to be wandering about. After some discussion, Rowan lead us all down to the village whom, as much as I can gather, turned out to be the collective victim of the hooded woman’s evil. We now knew where she found all the bones, and she didn’t feel the need to take the rest of the pieces along. I was distracted through most of the conversation by the site of a small human girl crying over one of the remaining flesh piles. Surprisingly enough it was Zekyrr who comforted me, the scene seemed to concern him as well.

Once Rowan finished speaking with the town cleric, Sareth, the group decided to escort him to Spellguard. It made sense, we were all heading there anyway and the wagon would make it a much more pleasant trip. . .Of course pleasant may be an overstatement.
For 4 days we traveled in that cramped wagon, and let me tell you, having to share a small sleeping space with 4 male adventurers, none of which have bathed in who knows how long, was a true trial of my patience. But finally, as the “Are we there yet?!”‘s started, we caught site of the tall gates to Spellguard through the trees. . . of course that’s also when we heard the calls of the orc hoard. As the wagon pushed to full speed, and we broke through the tree line, every Orc in the area seemed to spill out of the woods.

It was a desperate push to the gates, I toppled off the back, Rad had to become a wheel, Rowan stabbed a horse. . . it was mayhem. But somehow, with Vril’s concealing cloud and Zekyrr’s arrow skills, we managed to topple our way through the gates and to safety. We made it, finally, to Spellgard. . . And I need a drink.



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