Treasure Hunt


Session 7

So we wake up in spell guard after a harrowing descent from the hinterlands, or somewhere I cant remember … it was super awesome, I became a wheel… a wheel people! Anyhow we make it to monastery or precipitation and I set myself in the corner of the local bar where Rowan Dijani, Z, and Vril start to drink , rather heavily…. I go into my meditative state…..Colors swirl about my unconscious mind, flowing in and out I see blurry visions of Chaos madness drunken stupors and insecxtual deviance…. I Open my eyes in a shock. Whoa that was crazy, what a waking dream that was. Come to find out there was rowdy mayhem and frivolity in which I was not apart of and of which I only saw short glimpses because of my meditative state. I suppose it was for the best, is this urine on my foot!!!?

We head to the Monastery of precipitation where we meet a dude or 2, one dude is like WHOAH you guys … another dude or chick, I don’t really remember was all, WHOAH look at your crystal. So we give those guys the box with the skull in it “ashtray”and the Crystal “mood crystal”that was given to me by a woman oh whom I have no clue where this person is in my memory.. maybe she only knows me? Could be, a possibility since occasionally when I let go of a shard, a bit of my essence goes along with it, and usually the only thing I lose is a trivial memory such as, the ability to do cursive writing. I mean who cares , not like im writing tomes these days, AM I RIGHT YALL!? So anyhow, we find this halfling super warrior beast and we convince them to hang out with us and go check out the tower of Flubulaaa, or something. But before we even get there, we are attacked by like 5 douchebags , and 1 dude that keeps giving his dudes temporary hit-points, I mean what the hell! Jerk… So you would think that guy would be the first we kill right? Naa we like a challenge so we take out practically everyone else before that guy. We murder, I mean “incapacitate” the enemy and were all like, dude one of them got away! I’m like BROs, they were like DUDE! Then we were like meh, what could happen?

Oh right and that Super beast warrior was in actuality , the janitor… AND once we bust up this dude trying to take over the tower of Flabulabingbong, then we can ask this Ghost chick something we are itchign to know about. I’ll eaither ask, Can I really ask anything? THEN i’ll ask her REALLY!?

OR I may ask about the woman who went out of her way, destroyed a town making various jelly villagers to make a full grown bone dragon, just to saunter by me and fling an old crystal at me… I mean cmon… bitch right!?



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