Treasure Hunt

The Dawn War

Session 9

It’s only been a few hours since Rad and I left the Astral Sea and the Gethyanki tower behind us, but it feels like it’s been an eternity…

I think Rad could see that I was having a hard time with everything that had happened, so he gave me his journal to write in. I think maybe he thought it would help. Maybe it will.

I’ve been called a failure before; a failure as a student, a failure as a man, a failure as a brother and a son. Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever really believed it. It all started once we breached the Githyanki Tower of Eternity. We did our best to mend the injured and wounded, but their numbers were great. Soldiers, women, children… The battle that preceded our arrival must have been truly vicious. We did the best we could, but it would not be an understatement to say that on that day, the corpses outnumbered the living. We were making a little bit of progress, at least until all the nine hells broke loose.


The bells heralded their arrival. The legions of devils filled the sky, and blocked out whatever passed for a sun in the Astral Sea. I’d never fought devils before, but I was more than happy to give them a quick trip back to their maker. Nos was… Particularly effective in dispatching them. Girl was a hell of a fighter… Is. IS a hell of a fighter.


At some point she noticed one particular devil floating in the Astral Sea who, as best she could tell was attempting to open a portal. Not knowing what or whom it was attempting to bring forth, she and I resolved to load ourselves into a nearby catapult so that we could get close enough to the thing for her to begin the counter spell. It was my job to protect her as she did so…

Our aim was off. We were floating in the Astral Sea too far off from our target. I should have stopped her. I should have tied a lifeline to her. I should have done SOMETHING, but I froze. She vaulted off me, sending me back toward the tower and her towards the devil. She completed her spell, but not before the devil’s portal opened long enough to pull her in.

Rad was waiting for me when I floated back to the tower, and so was “she.” The dark priestess. Nos. The version of her from our time. The shadow of what she would become. She said that somehow, things happened differently in this timeline. That in her version of events, It was Rad next to her in the catapult, and that he was sucked into the portal with her.

They ended up in the Dawn War. The small bits I’ve been able to find in the monastery’s history books about it say that it was an ancient war at the dawn of time between the gods and the primordials. The Devils were attempting to open a rift and release the ambient energy of both sides to destroy the Tower of Eternity. She and Rad drifted in that plane for centuries, apparently protected from the chaotic energies by their divine faith. Whether to protect him from madness or to spare him some other terrible fate, the Priestess said that eventually, she had to rip the memories of their time in the Dawn War form Rad’s mind. She told us that she slowly existed there for centuries. Never aging, just… Existing. That her mind slowly just drifted away to something like a waking death.

Eventually, she said that “He” found her. That “He” brought her back and gave her a new purpose. When pressed about who “He” is, she simply said to “Ask the dragonborn…”

Could “He” be the one Dijani seeks? In the late of night I’ve heard her say a name in the fitful throws of her nightmares.


I promised to help her in her quest for vengeance, but now? Well… Now she’s going to have to race me for his head.

So, the way I figure it, here’s what I need to do:

Step one, find some way to save Nos. Either in this world, the other, or both. Somewhere in some other version of our plane, she’s drifting in the dawn war. Only this time she’s alone and it’s all my fault. That, I will not let stand.

Step two, find Din and plant an axe in his face.

I don’t know how I’m going to do either of these things, but I figure as long as our little group sticks together, I’ll get my shot eventually. We’re important to them somehow, and I aim to figure out why.

Before she left though, she did say something that stuck with me. She said that “we didn’t change anything.” She’s wrong though. I was there, and I saw a different version of events play out. I may have failed to save her from her fate, but maybe, just maybe my having been there will be the little push that the line of events in that universe needed to turn out for the better…

Well… It’s a comforting thought at least.

Either way, it goes to show she didn’t account for one thing. One thing that will ruin her and Din’s plans…





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