Come and visit Hordara's Festival!


Hordara and her sons Marick and Bob are tieflings the adventurers met on their way from the Twisting Halls. Hordara, being all saleswoman, used her traveling festival to attract humans (and adventurers). With a simple spell, everyone but the highly perceptive Rad, start partying hard, spending money, drinking and eating.

Hordara, smelling good future customers, sells a Silver Bobblehead Idol to Rad for the fantastic price of 250g.

Before leaving Hordara tells the group the following:
To Rad she says “The black priestess will be your greatest nightmare.”
To Dijani “The knife of your arch enemy is already stuck in your back.”
To Zekyrr “Your own blood will fall into madness.”
To Rowen “I would not trust your own reflection in the mirror, if I were you.”
And looking at Dinfar she shakes her head again and says “I wish your path would not be the one you have chosen.”

Status: Alive.



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